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If My Body Was A Canvas Of Words

If My Body Was A Canvas of Words is an inspirational, Raw, Openness of unfolding chapters of real life events written in poems based on the Life of Mary Tawadros Aka EgyptianPrincess8. She will walk you through her childhood tragedy, course of finding acceptance beyond her family in herself. Also travel through the journey of her love life, through purity, temptation, and heartbreak. In Sharing her life story she will also inspire you to tap into your dreams, and help you find the courage to let your voice be heard. You will hear her unfold her spiritual growth and acceptance of being the victorious woman. She has overcome so much and fights on to uplift others to conquer their journey of pain, triumph, and how to gallop through their desires of freedom to pursue anything in their life.

If My Body Was A Canvas Of Words

    • Personally signed by Mary Tawadros
    • Receive a gift with purchase  
    • S&H separately
    • Can also be found on Amazon
    • Paperback
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