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Later that year Mary started working for Volunteers of America Los Angeles as their Partner Relations Specialist in the city of Pomona. Her Book Release For “If My Body Was A Canvas of Words” took place on December 3rd, 2017 at Cafe Con Libros Bookstore. One week later on December 10th, 2017, she planned her 2nd Showcase Fundraiser for VOALA Homeless Shelter. Then in March of 2018, Her first Commissioned 30’ by 40’ Canvas was created of a Blue woman with Tomatoes, Corn, and Eggs, a multi-colorful piece that helped her explore more creations on Canvases. She explored other mediums, acrylic paint, acrylic and oil paint pens, charcoal, pencil, watercolors, and markers finding an outlet that brought her so much Joy.

Being able to express Herself Artistically, a new way of breathing like never before, sitting still allowing colors to flow into awakened Dreams like she always wanted to envision.

She hosted two more fundraisers for VOALA in April and August of 2018.



Mary was the host of Three different Open Mics from June 2013 – July 2017. First Hosted at the Hourglass Art & Wine Gallery in Rancho Cucamonga June 2013 – March 2014. Simultaneously hosted at Catch Up, Not Just Coffee in Rancho Cucamonga November 2013 – April 2015 & the Hourglass for a period of time. The Third place was at the Promenade Gallery in Pomona off 2nd St. on Antique Row from December 2015 – July 2017. During the month of March 2017, she started to paint more than seashells, she went back to designing one of a kind Journals. On the last day of March 2017, God gave her the Vision to plan a Big Showcase Fundraiser with performances from Poets, Comedians, and Musicians. The proceeds went to a Homeless Organization “Volunteers of America Los Angeles” and Human Trafficking Organization “MillionKids,” which took place May 21st, 2017.


Life Coach

I have witnessed Lives transform, and stretch in ways that the person never thought possible. I am so blessed to be part of their lives and asked to be their Life Coach. I share

a lot of my personal struggles, triumphs, moments of self-discovery, and the understanding of true compassion for what another soul goes through Spiritually, Emotionally, and Physically, and bring that bond in my relationship

with the Men and Women, I have worked with.

                 I love and believe in Empowering People, sometimes you need someone who is your personal Cheerleader, away from your immediate circle who will tell you the truth. Helping navigate through what is hindering you from tapping into your God-given Gifts, Dreams, and Purpose.

Personally, I faced a tragic accident that almost took my life when I was seven years old. I was physically hit by a car, broke both my legs, right collarbone, a fractured head, and double vision at the time, and stayed in the hospital for a month and 3 days. Even at a young age, God used me to help people next to me in other rooms. There was a lady who spoke Arabic and the nurses needed to explain to her the physical therapy they wanted to do. I was in my hospital room unable to move, however, I could hear through the hallway, I called the nurse over and told her I can translate. The family was very appreciative and came that evening to thank me. I had to learn to walk all over again, the trauma my body went through and the fact that I am still alive despite aches and pains is a Gift from God. I am here on borrowed time and know God was not finished with me walking in my purpose of serving others.

In 2019 She planned and hosted two events a week as part October 6th, Weekend To End Homelessness fundraiser for VOALA, Union Station partnering up with LAHSA. Then “Trifecta” Her first Solo Art Exhibit on October 12th, 2019 celebrating 30 Pieces of her Art displayed at the Alley Gallery One Night Pop Up, with the Special Guests performances and she featured sharing poems celebrating her 43rd birthday. In 2020, she made ‘4 by 6’ print cards with envelopes of her artwork for sale. She continued to create Art and paint more Seashells, writing positive affirmations on them and writing more poems for her 3rd book. In 2021 she worked diligently to Finish “Cairo Meets Queens.” Hosting a limited series of 22 Shows of “Egyptianprincess8 Digs Into Dreams” on IG LIVE with various phenomenal artists she has worked with getting to know them on a personal level and celebrating them (October 2021-May 2022 found also on my YouTube Channel).

Her 3rd book was released at The dA Center For the Arts in Pomona on January 30th, 2022, with a couple of her Canvases displayed on the wall.

She’s also delighted to bring “Cairo Meets Queens” on Audio. 2022 continued to be an incredible year for her as an Artist: MARCH For National Women’s Month she hosted a Lady's night with Open Mic with Special guests featuring female Spoken Word Artist, Vocalists, and Male poets to honor the Women through their words; APRIL EgyptianPrincess8 displayed her canvases at the African American Advisory Alliance during the 14 year Anniversary of Lionlike

MindState and shared a few poems from her newly released “Cairo Meets Queens;” MAY She was one of the Authors at the Poetry Book Fest At the LA County Fair presented by Lionlike MindState at the Millard Sheets; also in MAY was the Spotlight performer for Spoken Funk High Dessert; and in May she hosted a Men’s Appreciation Night at the LA County Fair with special guest featured male Spoken Word Artist’s and Female poets and vocalists to honor the men; JUNE Mary planned and hosted for Agenda For a Prophetic Faith “Black Business Community Uplift” Reparations Showcase Fundraiser to bless One of the Black Businesses in the City of Pomona with the money raised. In SEPTEMBER and OCTOBER, she was asked to lead a Writing Workshop and Open Mic to follow at the Neon Dragon store in Glendora by the owner. No longer working for Volunteers of America Los Angeles as of October 2022; She continues to write and create Art and still has so much to learn; however she is happy with her Artistic Journey and Believes the Best is yet to come. 

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